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Artificial Intelligence

Guarantee of precise analysis

  • Invest successfully

    The mechanism developed by our specialists allows you to analyse every aspect of stock market

    Stock Market Analysis - The missing element in your success

    Stock Market Analysis - The missing element in your success


  • Highest technology

    Decide and thanks to modern technology you will receive the highest quality analysis based on neural network technology.

    Precise analysis mechanism

    Precise analysis mechanism


  • Precision and simplicity

    You will receive a comprehensive and at the same time simple to read report

    Detailed, graphical report

    Detailed, graphical report


  • „Time is money”

    Stock market analysis require diligent, time-consuming calculations. Thanks to the highest analysis technology provided by EnzoMind.com platform, you will save your time.

    Time plays a big role. We know it best.

    Time plays a big role. We know it best.


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    Start right now!

    Start right now!


Basic Analysis


Basic Analysis content main elements of technical analysis such as trends up,down lines, support and resistance lines. Calculations of average change of hourly and daily rates on selected market. Properly used, allows to optimize of the effectiveness of your own investigation strategies, increase your profits and reduce losses. Parameters such as symbol of analysis, time interval and number of candles can be modified depending of used game strategy. Default are optimal parameters set up.


MetaTrader 4 for PC, Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

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